“What a food magazine tells us about the world” with guest Kerry Diamond



Food is more than just sustenance. It is a culture unto itself. It is our identity and our aspirations, pleasure and a tool. Members of the food industry know this and make money bringing us both the food we want and the food they want us to want. On this episode we examine it all through the perspective of a food magazine, Cherry Bombe. We’ll look at how the restaurant industry change when it magnifies the voices of women and what happens to culture when we embrace trends alongside the classics.

Host Jack Russell Weinstein says, “Kerry is an old and dear friend and this gave us latitude to both disagree and just follow the conversation where it leads. This means that we cover lots of ground culturally and philosophically, but we manage to do it was a naturalness that will pull even the most skeptical listeners at ease.”

Kerry Diamond is co-founder and Directing Editor of Cherry Bombe magazine. She is co-owner of three Brooklyn restaurants: Nightingale Nine, Smith Canteen, and Wilma Jean. She has been the former editor at Yahoo Food, Kerry was the Beauty Director at Harper’s Bazaar and Beauty Editor at Women’s Wear Daily. She was the head of Public Relations at Lancome’s and Coach’s United States Division.

Listeners who are new to the show and want more discussions about food can find all of them here.

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