The most recent episode of Why? Radio is now online

“The Separation of Church and State”
with guest Andrew Seidel

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The Why? Radio Senior Citizens’ Philosophy discussion group is on hiatus during this period of social distancing. please be safe, and protect yourselves and each other.

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YouTube has deleted our account. We don’t know why. We’ve received no notice or justification, and no one in customer service will engage with us (there’s no phone number to call). We have copies of most of our videos, but thirteen years of followers, likes, and data are now gone, not to mention the thousands of links from websites around the world that are now dead. There’s nothing we can do about it. There’s no way to recover what we lost. It’s both devastating and frustrating. We are helpless in the face of the uncaring juggernaut that is Google. Kafka would be proud.

As a result, we have started a new channel on Vimeo.
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It will take a while to populate it, but if a particular video you want is missing, email us and we’ll get it up as soon as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience and dead links on your sites.

Philosophical Currents

Philosophical Currents:
A new radio show offering a philosophical look at current events.

We have paired with up Prairie Public, the network that broadcasts Why? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life, to offer up something new and exciting! A radio show that explores current events from a philosophical perspective. It features Why? Radio’s host Jack Russell Weinstein, not as the interviewer but the interviewee! The show is broadcast once per month and is broadcast as part of Prairie Public’s news magazine Main Street.

You can listen via Prairie Public’s webpage, but there are still some technical issues there, so we recommend listening via our webpage, here. We’ll update the channel each month so you can listen, share, and even embed the episode on your own site or blog. As always, send your feedback to

We’ve broadcast two episodes so far:

“Asian Hate” (March 29), exploring the recent rise in bias-related crimes against Asians.

“How does watching racially charged events on the Internet change our experience of them?” (April 26), which focuses on how we the internet changes how we perceive the Derek Chauvin trial and the Black Lives Matter protests.

Click here to listen.

For location details, click here.

Explore our Projects

You are invited to participate in a wide range of philosophical activities, from asking questions of some of the world’s most thoughtful people on our radio show and podcast, to sitting in a coffee shop with a dozen intellectually curious octogenarians. Read our blog and our magazine, or learn why philosophy is a great major with employable graduates.

Please explore our site and enjoy. We welcome all of your feedback. Send us your thoughts via our comment form.

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