We need your help more than ever; The Pandemic was devastating to our fundraising.

Please Give any amount to help IPPL continue its mission.

And really, if you won’t support philosophy, who will?

Every guest on Why? Radio and every person who works with IPPL donates his or her time. This keeps our costs low and means that everyone associated with our programs is happy to be doing what they can for us. Your contribution goes a long, long way.

Thank you! We appreciate your generosity!

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Donors receive thank-you gifts: music CDs that have  themselves been donated to us.

For gifts of $25 or more, you will receive the world jazz CD Lua e Sol from Mark Weinstein (while supplies last). This is the album that contains all of the wonderful music that makes up the show’s soundtrack.

For gifts of $100 or more, you will receive a handful of his CDs, remarkable music from Brazil, Cuba, and some straight-ahead jazz. You can visit Mark¹s website and listen to his other music at http://jazzfluteweinstein.com/

For donations of $250 or more, you will receive the CDs and be named on the air and on the webpage as an episode’s sponsor. You’ll be a role-model for all of our listeners.


What programming costs:

  • Operational costs (office supplies, travel costs, advertising of special events, etc.) cost approximately $5,000
  • A season of Why? Radio production costs IPPL $6,000, which goes directly to Prairie Public radio to pay engineers for remote interviews.
  • A full season of advertising for WHY? costs between $8,400 and $15,000.
  • A year of the Art & Democracy Film Series costs about $17,000.
  • A visiting fellow costs $4000
  • A digital-only Why? Magazine (formerly On Second Thought) costs $4000 (per issue) to create.
  • 5,000 print issues of Why? Magazine (formerly On Second Thought) costs approximately $22,000 to create, print and distribute.
  • These numbers do not occasional equipment upgrades for video cameras, audio recorders, and computers.

We estimate that 90% of your donation will go directly to programming.

In-kind contributions

An in-kind donation indicates the approximate value of a non-monetary donation. It is not money we can spend, but is data we can use when we and our partners apply for grants.

As an academic unit of the University of North Dakota, UND houses our office for free, meaning we don’t pay for rent, administrative costs, digital facilities, and electricity. They estimate this as equivalent to $0.38 for every $1 IPPL raises.

UND also gives Professor Weinstein a one-course release per year, in essence, allocating 10% of his salary to directing IPPL and creating Why? Radio. More time can be purchased with cash donations, which would require approximately $14,000 per additional course.

Prairie Public contributes $8500 in resources for each season of Why? Radio. This includes access to the recording studio, airtime, publicity, and engineering costs.

The Eliot Glassheim Essay Competition on Capitalism and the Public Good is funded by the interest from an endowment made by Mr. Glassheim himself.

Every guest on Why? Radio donates their time and is not compensated for their appearance.


Fundraising goals:

Our current goals:

  • $11,000 per year sustains Why? Radio and allow a digital-only IPPL.
  • $15,000 per year would fund all the above with some statewide advertising expansion.
  • $25,000 per year would fund all the above plus a resumption of the Art & Democracy Film Series.
  • $35,000 would fund all the above plus a modest visiting-fellows program
  • $50,000 would fund all of the above plus part-time administrative support.
  • $70,000 would fund all of the above and physical publication of Why? Magazine

Where we would like to be:

  • In five years: IPPL hopes to have established long-term stability, and a reliable programming and fund base. This includes resumption of all of its activities and a half-time administrative assistant.
  • In ten years: IPPL hopes to employ a part time administrative staff member, graphic artist, and grant writer. With $100,000 per year of funding, IPPL could support a full-time fellows program, annual publications.

 We are grateful for donations of any amount; IPPL cannot exist without your support. If you have questions about our fundraising goals or how your contribution will be spent, email us at ippl@und.edu.

List of IPPL Donors

Thank you also to the anonymous donors who donate cash at our live events

(Last updated 2/22/2023. Please let us know if your name is missing)

ADAM SMITH ($1,000+)

  • Michael F. Beltz
  • David G. Bjerklie
  • Robert J. Colleran
  • Peter Heaps
  • Kristine M. Huether
  • Dr. Raymond Majkrzak
  • Michael A. Nickson
  • Dr. Paul E. Sum
  • Dale Summers

Confucious ($999-500)

  • Joyce E. Weinstein
  • Dr. Paul L. Gaffney
  • David Goerger
  • Sam & Mary Johnson
  • Colleen E. Martin
  • Dr. Karen & Charles Miller
  • The Squire Family Foundation, Inc.


  • Bert R. Garwood
  • Dr. William O. Haug, Jr.
  • Alithi Consulting
  • Stephen A. Costello
  • Laura Dockter
  • Robert E. Goodrich
  • Goodrich Quality Theaters
  • Donna Hastings & Dr. Jonathan Geiger
  • Jonathan & Emily Holth
  • Peter & Marsha Johnson
  • Stanley Kelley
  • Lisa D. Lewis
  • Dr. William F. Sheridan
  • Dr. Debbie Storrs & Dr. John Milhelich
  • Sharon & Richard Wilsnack
  • Scott & Susie Woods

W.E.B. DEBOISE ($499-250)

  • Bruno Chaouat
  • Matthew S. Gilmore
  • David Z. Keifer
  • Lydia Moland
  • Gail Sherman
  • Eric V. Souvannasacd
  • Jennifer & Joe Weismann
  • Kristen & Henry Borysewicz
  • Eric A. Burin
  • Jeffery & Joan Domler
  • Dr. Michael & Joyce Gallo
  • Melissa Gjellstad
  • Karen & Raymond Goldsteen
  • James & Theresa Grijalva
  • Dr. Brian Huschle
  • Dr. Michelle A. Liams
  • Howard & Marguerite Kossover
  • Sierra M. Kraft
  • Appiah A. Kwamme
  • Evan T. Lowry
  • Jerry & Dianne Metzger
  • Judy Milavetz
  • Monica S. Moore
  • Robert Murillo
  • Treasure Omdahl
  • Martin. A Rottler
  • Rebecca Rozelle-Stone & Lucian Stone
  • Barbara & Jerome Shapiro
  • Peter Shapiro
  • Wilbur & Barbara Stolt
  • Drs. Katherine Sukalski & Tom Johnson
  • Jennifer B. Tarlin
  • Marjorie A. Temanson
  • Lois Turner
  • Nancy Vogeltanz-Holm
  • David H. Vorland

KARL MARX ($99-1)

  • Sharon Bailin
  • Joshua A. Boschee
  • Jennifer Crumlish
  • Anthony Cunningham
  • Jeffery Dick
  • Craig & Dr. Kristin Garaas-Johnson
  • Kayleigh Karinen
  • Christine A. Kujawa
  • John Lenik
  • Sam Philips
  • Elizabeth & Greg Sund
  • Dr. Carenlee Barkdull
  • Marilyn Berg
  • Deborah Brandt
  • Shaughn Burnison
  • William & Susan Caraher
  • Virginia Clinton-Lisell
  • Bonnie Lynn Davies
  • Byron W. Deal
  • Matthew D. Dordal
  • Pamela E. Fisher
  • Ronald A. Franz
  • Christopher Gable
  • Kristin & Hunter Gordon
  • Gregoire Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Maughn Gregory
  • Kristine & Sam Gruenberg
  • Katie Harden
  • Dustin E. Hogenson
  • Harry J. Hubbard
  • Dr. Jon A. Jackson
  • Lance E. Johnson
  • Yvette M. Koepke-Nelson
  • Victor Lieberman
  • David & Ruth Marshall
  • Emily & Evan Montgomery
  • Shannon R. Negaard
  • Marie Neumann
  • Molly C. Olsen
  • Paige Osborn
  • Alex Raben
  • Lana Rakow & Anthony Stukel
  • Katie N. Reim-Fuller
  • Emily Robertson
  • Dr. Bradley & Kristen Rundquist
  • Jason M. Schaefer
  • Jon Solinger
  • Mario H. Solis
  • Jackie Stebbins & Sean Arithson
  • Erica Stonestreet
  • Lavern Suchor
  • Kelly J. Tofte
  • Sara Waller
  • Caitlin White Owl
  • David Wong


  • Everyone else.

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