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“What’s on your mind?”
We’re having an open discussion, this month.

Next Meeting: Monday, September 11

5 pm – 6 pm

Once a month, IPPL hosts a senior citizens’ philosophy discussion group at The Campbell Library in East Grand Forks.

Join us for an informal conversation focusing on questions from a more experienced perspective. It is free and open to the public.

We meet on the second Sunday of Every Month, from 5 pm – 6pm.

All ages are welcome.
(You just have to be old at heart!)

We love Newcomers!

Campbell Library, East Grand Forks
422 4th St. NW
East Grand Forks, MN 56721
(218) 773 – 9121
Click here to find the library on Google Maps

Have questions or need need someone to drive you to the meeting?

Call (701) 777 – 2887 and we’ll see what we can do.

Some past questions, include:

  • Why is changing your mind (or others’) so difficult?
  • What is the most profound thing you have changed your opinion on, in your lifetime?
  • Can you make yourself happy?
  • Should North Dakota legalize marijuana? 
  • What did you learn from retirement that you wish you had known sooner?
  • Which works of fiction (novels, movies, TV shows, or plays) helped you best understand someone else’s life?
  • What does it take for someone to change themselves?
  • How do you know when you are a success, and how do you determine if you should be content with what you have achieved?
  • How has the idea of diversity changed in your lifetime?
  • If you could live forever, would you choose to do so?
  • Are people more willing to give up their privacy now than when you were growing up?
  • It is both graduation and wedding season. Are rituals too important in our lives or perhaps not important enough? Are there lifecycle events that don’t have rituals that you think should?
  • “What is age-appropriate education and is it possible to teach most things to most kids?”
  • Can we know in advance whether a news story is important?
  • What’s worth going to war for?
  • How aggressive should state legislatures be in the culture wars?
  • What books, movies, or television shows have had the most impact on you and why? Do you think they should be required reading/viewing? Or, was your experience personal and the media would not have the same impact on others?
  • What do you hope for the new year and how does the role of personal goals in our lives change as we age?
  • Does democracy work (and how would we know)?
  • How charitable are we morally obligated to be?
  • What do we owe victims of tragedies and natural disasters?
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