“Why do we Dehumanize People?” with guest David Livingstone Smith

Episode 171
Recorded, November 8. 2023
Broadcast, November 12, 2023
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The history of humanity is an endless cycle of identifying us versus them: of violence between people who look down on one another as subhuman and monsters; of not just killing, but brutalizing, maiming and massacring in the name of superiority. On this episode, we explore the philosophical foundations of this phenomenon and its roots in culture, ideology, psychology, and history. We ask who makes these monsters and how they are made.

David Livingstone Smith is a professor of philosophy at the University of New England. He is the author of numerous books including, most recently, On Humanity: Dehumanization and How to Resist it, and Making Monsters, The Uncanny Power of Dehumanization. He speaks widely in both academic and non-academic settings, including being a guest at the G20 economic summit, where he spoke on dehumanization and mass violence. His website can be found at: www.davidlivingstonesmith.com.

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