“Who Should we Blame and Who Should we Forgive?” with guest Miranda Fricker

ORIGINALLY broadcast oCTOBER 13, 2019

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We’ve been told that forgiveness is a part of psychological wellness, that blaming people is a form of hostility. But if these things are true, doesn’t that let people off the hook too easily? We’ve also been led to believe that forgiving others is the great legacy of Christianity, but other religions do the same thing. Can’t we imagine a secular theory of blame and absolution, as well? On this episode of Why? Radio, we discuss these core questions about human relationships and how we are held accountable for our actions.

Miranda Fricker is Presidential Professor of Philosophy at CUNY Graduate Center and Honorary Professor at The University of Sheffield. She is the author and editor of numerous books on feminism, epistemology,

and moral and political philosophy. She is most well-known for her work on epistemic injustice, exposing the ways marginalized people’s knowledge and experiences are ignored.

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