“Thinking Philosophically About the Black Church” with guest J. Kameron Carter

Originally broadcast: January 8, 2017

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People have been thinking a lot about race lately and we’ve also been thinking about the role of religion in elections. What we haven’t been doing is examining what happens when the two intersect. On this episode of Why? we do just this, examining specifically the role of the church in the lives, politics, and self-image of the African-American community (and everyone else).

J. Kameron Carter is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Black Church Studies at Duke University. He works in black studies (African American and African Diaspora studies), using theological and religious studies concepts, critical theory, and increasingly poetry in doing so. His Race: A Theological Account appeared in 2008 (New York: Oxford UP). He is the editor of Religion and the Future of Blackness (a special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly, 2013). The text of this episode’s monologue can be found here at our blog, PQED.

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