“How to Think Philosophically About Aging” with Sharona Hoffman

Episode 90:

Originally broadcast: April 10, 2016

Everyone gets older, but not everyone plans for it. Even fewer people think about that planning philosophically. On the next episode of Why?, we are going to look closely at one author’s practical guidebook for elder care and consider it, not as practical exercise, but as a philosophical inquiry into getting older.

Sharona Hoffman is the Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Law, a Professor of Bioethics and the Co-Director of the Law-Medicine Center at Case Western Reserve University. In 2013, Sharona was selected by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a scholar-in-residence fellowship in public health law. She has also twice spent a sabbatical semester as a Visiting Scholar at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2007 and 2014) and was a Visiting Scholar at Emory University in 2014 as well. She has published over sixty articles and book chapters on health law and civil rights issues. She is also the author of the book Aging with a Plan: How a Little Thought Today Can Vastly Improve Your Tomorrow (Praeger 2015).

This is the second time Sharona has been on Why? Her first episode “The Morality (and Legality) of Universal Healthcare” can be found here.

The text of this episode’s monologue can be found here at our blog, PQED.

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