“Are We Morally Obligated to Live in A Racially-Integrated Society?” with Elizabeth Anderson

Taken at the UM Department of Philosophy in Angell Hall, March 13, 2006.


Episode 83

Originally broadcast: September 13, 2015



Are we living in a post-racial America? How important is integration to democracy and why do we tend to live in such segregated enclaves? Do we have a moral obligation to integrate our society, even if it means some people might not want to live next to the neighbors they end up with?

Elizabeth Anderson is the John Dewey Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies and the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is the author The Imperative of Integration and Value in Ethics and Economics, and numerous scholarly articles. She is currently working on a history of egalitarianism, with a special focus on the social epistemology of moral learning, taking the history of abolitionism as a central case study.
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