“Sculpture and Philosophy” with Stefanie Rocknak

Episode 48:

Originally broadcast: September 9, 2012

Stefanie Rocknak is an extraordinary sculptor. She is also an accomplished philosopher. How do the two vocations relate? Does philosophy help or hinder her creative process and how important is theory to the practice of making art? Join WHY as we look into the artistic mind and ask about the process of taking ideas and making them physically real.

Stefanie Rocknak teaches at Hartwick College. She specializes in David Hume and the philosophy of art. Her work has appeared in a number of journals and books, including Brain and Mind and Hume Studies, among others. She is also a professional sculptor. Her work has been in over 50 shows, including at the Smithsonian, the windows of Saks 5th Ave., and the Tampa Museum of Art in Tampa, FL. Her sculptures have been featured in multiple publications, and in 2010, she was awarded the 10K Grand Prize in the Margo Harris Hammerschlag Biennial Sculpture Award. She was also just awarded the commission to create a public sculpture of Edgar Allan Poe for display in Boston, the city of Poe’s birth. More information can be found here; Stefanie hopes you will consider donating to the project.

Below are some examples of Stefanie’s work. More can be found at: http://www.steffrocknak.net.

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