“Growing Up North Dakotan” with Joshua Boschee, Kathryn Joyce, Jessie Veeder Schofield, Prairie Rose Seminole

Episode 29:

Originally Broadcast: June 12, 2011

Recorded live in front of a studio audience in Fargo, North Dakota, on May 22, 2011.

North Dakota is a complex state. It is mostly rural but fifty percent of its population lives in cities. There is a strong sense of identity and place, but significant hostility between the eastern and western regions. For a long time, it had a very powerful federal congressional delegation, but it is usually regarded as a “fly-over state” with little electoral importance. How is all of this viewed by younger North Dakotans and how much pressure is there to stay in the state or leave? Join WHY? as we discuss these questions with a panel of four involved, successful, and native-born North Dakotans.

Joshua Boschee was born in Minot, went to North Dakota State University and now lives in Fargo. He is active in state politics and has a special interest in LGBTQ issues. He is a regular contributor to the High Plains Reader newspaper. A list of his articles can be found here.

Kathryn Joyce was born in Fargo and grew up first in Horace and then West Fargo. She went to the Univeristy of North Dakota, spent a year as an exchange student in Australia, and worked for Americorp teaching in Oregon. She is now pursuing a M.A. in philosophy at Georgia State University.

Jessie Veeder Schofield is a professional singer/songwriter with three albums who tours regularly. She was raised on her family ranch in the badlands, went to the University of North Dakota, lived in Montana for a while, and now lives on the family ranch. She maintains a blog about the ranching life at http://veederranch.com/ . Information about her music and performances can found at http://veederranch.com/jessie-veeder-music/

Prairie Rose Seminole was born in Fargo, spent summers on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, spent some time at the Wahpeton Indian School, attended the Univeristy of Mary and North Dakota State Univeristy, Fargo campus, spent ten years on the Fargo Human Relations Committee and is active in politics. More information about her can be found on her campaign website at http://www.prairieroseseminole.com/ .

Why’s host Jack Russell Weinstein says “The longer I live in North Dakota, the more I see how complicated the state really is. Talking with such an interesting and diverse group of young people, really helped me understand it in ways I never could before. This discussion is a prime example of how philosophy helps us see that which we take most for granted in a more sophisticated light.”

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