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“Why Everyone Should Join A Union”
with guest Mark Reiff

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The Why? Radio Senior Citizens’ Philosophy discussion group is back in action.
Join us on the second-Monday of every month and the East Grand Forks Campbell Library.

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Do you know about out partner radio show/podcast?

Philosophical Currents

Philosophical Currents is a month radio discussion exploring the philosophy behind the news and current events.
Co-hosted by Jack Russell Weinstein and Prairie Public’s Ashley Thornberg, it is an accessible, fun, and informative way to think about noteworthy events without the partisan bickering or ulterior motives.

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YouTube has deleted our account. We don’t know why. We’ve received no notice or justification, and no one in customer service will engage with us (there’s no phone number to call). We have copies of most of our videos, but thirteen years of followers, likes, and data are now gone, not to mention the thousands of links from websites around the world that are now dead. There’s nothing we can do about it. There’s no way to recover what we lost. It’s both devastating and frustrating. We are helpless in the face of the uncaring juggernaut that is Google. Kafka would be proud.

As a result, we have started a new channel on Vimeo.
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It will take a while to populate it, but if a particular video you want is missing, email us and we’ll get it up as soon as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience and dead links on your sites.

The extended version of every episode is Available for free as a podcast:
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or,  listen directly from this website:
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Praise from our podcast listeners, as reviewed on iTunes:

“Easily the Best I’ve encountered ★★★★★

by Veritruvian

The only problem with this podcast is that there are not enough of them. Jack Russell Weinstein is first, brilliant and second, as unbiased as a human could be. The problem i have with nearly every other philosophy podcast is the systemic negativity. I understand it is in a philosophers blood to find the failings of any affirmative position, but it gets tiring when hosts don’t even attempt to present the position being torn down fairly. J.R.W. will argue brilliantly for one side as he inhales then exhales, just as brilliantly the opposing position; all the while keeping in mind the whole point of the podcast, which is to answer the question ‘why?’”

“Great Show About Ideas ★★★★★

by Tony Cunningham

At first glance, I wouldn’t think a public radio show about philosophical ideas would make it. I say this and I’m a philosopher by trade. Jack Weinstein makes it work wot a great combination of good guests, interesting topics, and great conversation. One of the marks of a great conversation is that you don’t usually notice the wheels turning. Good conversations can sound easy and effortless, but they take really good listening and thoughtfulness. Three thumbs up for this show, and I’m glad a show like this really can make it in the United States. Wahoo for Why?”

Why ask why?

Sometimes it feels like there isn’t any intelligent debate left in the world. All we hear is fighting: irresponsible, loud-mouthed partisanship disguised as information. For 2500 years, philosophers have tried to cut through the rhetoric, the infighting, and the abuse. WHY? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life continues this tradition with a new audience: you.

Join us each month as we engage in philosophical discussions about the most common-place topics. From explorations of hunting to discussions about domestic violence, from classic works of art to the most cutting-edge digital media, from the American prairie to the heart of post-communist Romania, WHY? takes you on a journey through the great questions, the puzzling answers, and the deepest recesses of your mind.

Subscribe to the podcast and get the extended version sent straight to your digital device. It’s all free and it’s all created to celebrate intellectual exploration, not diminish it. Why? Radio is non-adversarial; we aim to celebrate everyone’s research , so you won’t hear two academic arguing endlessly, you’ll simply get a better understanding of the philosophical ideas and quandaries that help shape all of us and the world we live in.

Why? Radio’s main goal is to translate even the most obscure philosophy into a language that anyone can understand. It aims to show that all philosophy is relevant to our day-to-day lives and that everyone is doing philosophy all the time, we just don’t know it.

Host Jack Russell Weinstein, an award winning philosophy professor and author will be your guide and your advocate as he interviews some of the most thoughtful and philosophically. Imagine getting to ask questions of Nobel laureates, best-selling authors, Humanities medal winners, and academic superstars. You can do this. Email, tweet, or join our chat room to ask your question and dive deeper into the world of philosophy.

Why is broadcast on the second Sunday of every month at 5 pm. central. To listen live from anywhere in the world click here.

To listen via broadcast radio in North Dakota, tune to 89.3 in Grand Forks, 91.9 in Fargo, 90.5 in Bismarck, and on other Prairie Public radio network stations across the state.

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